Brian's Story


I spent many years of my life as a lorry driver and for most of that time I loved what I did. Being out on the open road was great, and when I left the yard, I became my own boss. To see all the different parts of the UK was fantastic, and even though I wasn't in a town or city for very long, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different parts of the UK.

In my early twenties however, I was diagnosed with chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. This led to terrible bouts of ill health including many admissions to hospital, not to mention the ever increasing drug count to try and combat the disease.

In 1996 after my third redundancy, I found myself in a very precarious situation. I was heavily in debt and in real danger of losing my home. In desperation I started looking at opportunities, however, most either didn't sit comfortably with me, or the start-up costs were beyond me.

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Then, in the October of that year I was shown this amazing opportunity.  I had never seen anything like it before and to be totally honest I was so sceptical that I nearly let it pass me by. However, there was something inside me saying "give this a real go" so on October 3rd 1996 I began my journey... and what a journey it has been.

The business that I run with my wife Elaine now spans nearly 30 countries creating true security for us and our family through multiple income streams. If an ex lorry driver like me can succeed in this simple business, then you can too!

So... my question is "do you have what it takes to change and work hard to build a truly secure future for you and your family" ?

My promise....if you work this business correctly, it will deliver all that we promise and more!  Like any business, if you are willing to learn new skills, willing to work hard, and willing to give it enough time to work, this business will not let you down!!.  

                                                                    Come and join us... You'll be glad you did!

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